How To Create A Story For Your Corporate Video Production

by | Jan 24, 2019

When creating a corporate video production, you must remember one thing for it to be successful: emotions. The emotional connection you will build between the video and the audience will determine the success of the video—whether it has reached its goal of engaging customers or not.

You can start doing this by analyzing the personal connection between the clients and the company. A personal connection analysis will take a look at your company, figure out where you are, where you want to be, and comes up with a customized action plan that will highlight the connection between the company and the intended audience.

Your potential customers must be able to connect with you on an emotional level. That’s one of the most successful strategies to spark a positive action from your clientele that will benefit your business.

After analyzing the connection between the clients and the company, you are then ready to create a story for the business. This story intends to convince and entertain customers, to persuade them to purchase a product or subscribe to a service using their emotions as an anchor.

What drives your business to succeed? This is the first question to ask yourself when creating a storyboard for your video production. Here’s one example when this is beneficial for the company: a steam vacuum cleaning service for homes and office buildings.

Your business is offering cleaning services for homes and office spaces. But this is not just any cleaning service. You are using a high-tech and innovative steam cleaner that removes toxic waste, traces of molds and mildew, and dust from the serviceable place.

If you are making a video production out of this company, how are you going to emotionally connect with your clients? You can target mothers, working and stay-at-home, who are worried about the safety of their children even inside their homes. Safety from health issues is a common concern among new mothers, so you can tailor the video to new moms who are worried sick about the effect of dust mites, bed bugs, and mold to their children.

An effective storyboard will include showing the microscopic detail of a dust mite and how this can enter the child’s bloodstream by latching on his skin. The first emotion you will evoke is fear. This should be followed by showing your cleaning services that remove all traces of dust mite from your home, instantaneously making sure that the area is safe for the children.

Do you think mothers won’t think about hiring your services? They’ll be on the phone speaking with you the moment they finished watching your video. This is the kind of emotional connection we need to see between a video and its target market.