How to Get More Viewers to Your Lakeland Video Production

by | May 25, 2021

You’ve done a good job of creating a Lakeland video production that you think will appeal to your audience. And yet, somehow, people are not drawn to it. People don’t like to watch it. They are not searching for the video no matter how entertaining it is for you. So, here’s the question: how are you sure they are finding the video? When they entered the appropriate and relevant keywords on the search bar, how sure are you that your video is the first link on the search results?

People like YouTube a lot. If you are not being found on the video-sharing platform, that’s because you’re essentially doing something wrong. Sometimes, people tend to throw their money in shady dealings to promote their videos. There are a few problems with this approach. The first one is that YouTube’s algorithm has become very intelligent in the past few years. The second is that YouTube can detect bots. And the third is that these unscrupulous methods are really expensive.

What you want is to be on YouTube’s organic search results. But how can you get there?

Use Descriptive and Keyword Rich Titles

Use a keyword planner to come up with the best keywords for your video content. Make sure to use these keywords on the title of the video, as well as the meta data that includes the page title. YouTube’s algorithm will check this first and foremost.

Write Quality and Keyword-rich Descriptions

The meta description appears below the title of the web page on the search results page. Web users will try to determine if your page is worth the visit through this description. The description should not be generic. Instead, it should entice web users to click on the link.

Go for Tags

Meta tags will distinguish the type of video content you have. It will help web users understand what your video is about. Sometimes, the program will even include the videos in a playlist of the category that you used in your meta data. You can also use descriptive tags that refer to the actual content of your video.

Optimize the Thumbnail Image

People are highly visual. This means they are triggered by what they see. Your thumbnail image or hero image should be captivating. It should appeal to your audience so they will want to open the link and watch the Lakeland video production. Along with high-quality images, make sure to use clear and bold fonts and close-up shots of the subject on the thumbnail.