How to Guarantee a Great Lakeland Video Production Demo Reel

by | Mar 29, 2022

Being a Lakeland video production professional in the industry isn’t easy. Right from the beginning of your career, you have to compete with thousands of other videographers who are just as talented as you are.

Even if you open up your own video production house, you still have to compete with the other video production houses that have more experience and are better known than you are.

Being a videographer in the video production industry is a pretty cutthroat business, but if you put in the work and effort, it really pays off in the end. Whether you handle event documentation, or video production, when you provide the client with exactly the product that they wanted, and brought their ideas to life, there is no other feeling that really compares.

However, when you’re at the beginning of the career, what can you do to get to that point? It’s pretty difficult to get clients as a first-time videographer, but you can wow them with your demo reel. This is the best way to get yourself noticed in the video production industry, and here are some tips to let yours stand out.

Make something different

A lot of videographer demo reels tend to look the same. The formula of catchy music paired with a montage of shots and logos of bigwig companies that they’ve worked for is repeated over and over to the point that all demo reels begin to look the same. To avoid falling into this trap, try to remember what your demo reel is supposed to be used for.

It’s not to show people what companies you’ve worked for, it’s for you to show potential clients and companies what kind of work you can do and what your abilities as a videographer are. Incorporate your own personal brand of creativity into your demo reel so that you can show them what you’re capable of.

Showcase your best work (obviously)

While this is sort of an obvious point, it is still important enough to remember. You want to show potential clients and companies your very best as a videographer, so make sure that you only include your best work in your demo reel.

In addition to that, make sure that you include your more recent work in your demo reel. Make sure you check each clip before including it in your reel.

Make sure your test it out before sending it out

How do you know if your videographer demo reel works? It’s simple, test it out. Ask your friends and colleagues in the industry what they think of your video reel.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, test it out on online forums and platforms and ask users what they think about your video reel and what you can do to improve on it.