How to Help Lakeland Video Production Clients Figure Out What They Want

by | Jan 11, 2022

For first time clients, hiring a Lakeland video production firm to handle professional video assignment for them might be a rather daunting task. After all, not everybody knows what goes on behind the scenes of a video production. Most of us are simply familiar with the end product, the one that we are entertained by.

So commissioning a video of your very own can be something new, and a little bit scary. On the side of the video production house, they may find it difficult to communicate with first time clients because of their difficulty in communicating what video they want, and what they want out of it. It is can difficult for first time clients to express what they want out of a video because at the root of it all, all they really want is a good video.

As a video production house, it is your job to help them understand what they want in a video in order to make your job easier, and the client happy. Here are some ways that you can help clients figure out what they want from a video.

Ask them the right questions

First and foremost, the best way that you can help a client figure out what they want out of a professional video is by asking them the right questions. Remember that you should ask them questions that they can answer with absolute certainty. Asking them about how long they want the video to be, and what kind of video they have in mind isn’t something that they can answer.

Those are your areas of expertise, and it’s your job to help them figure them out. Ask them simple, straightforward questions like, “What is this video going to be used for?” as this is a question that they can answer and help you plan out a strategy for shooting the video.

Ask them what their main goals are

Another good way to help the client understand what kind of video they want and what they want out of it is by asking them what goals they’re aiming to achieve with the video production. For example, if a client wants a company video, chances are, their main goal is probably to promote their business or company.

Even those who want a videographer for event documentation have a goal in mind, which is to document the special event, and present it in such a way that it will be visually appealing to others. Helping them understand what they’re hoping to achieve with their video is a surefire way of helping them understand what they want out of the video production.