How to Make Your Lakeland Video Production Projects Shorter

by | Dec 9, 2021

Lakeland video production services are in high demand nowadays because of the increase in demand for video content, from both business and audiences. When done properly, a good video can do wonders for your branding and improve your online reputation. 

If you want your video content to succeed in what you want it to do, it’s important to note video content trends and adjust your approaches accordingly. One of the most important things to remember about modern video content marketing is that audiences’ attention spans are getting shorter. 

While long-form video content still has a place in the online sphere, more often than not, you’re going to have to learn to cut your video lengths to maintain the attention of your audience. Learn to work with your Lakeland video production project to accomplish this. 

Limit your establishing shots

Many filmmakers like establishing shots because they look great and can add a great layer of atmosphere to the overall video. However, if you find yourself needing to cut down your video length, then the establishing shots are usually one of the first parts to get the cut. 

This is because, overall, establishing shots don’t really do much to add to the progress of the story, so if your establishing shots simply act as visual fluff, then it’s best to cut these out. 

Work on your dialogue

While it’s great to see your words come to life on the screen, you should watch out to make sure that your script isn’t getting too rambling, which is often the case for many videos. If you find that your video content is too long and that a majority of the length is attributed to the dialogue between characters, then it may be best to tighten the script a little bit and cut out any fluff. 

You may also find that cutting the dialogue and making it more straight to the point can help get the point across in your video better. Because of this, it helps to thoroughly evaluate your script and dialogue to see if you can tighten this up. 

Always test your content

Finally, it can be hard to make the necessary cuts to your Lakeland video production project because you are too close to the project. If you find it hard to make any cuts, try having an extra pair of eyes on your video to see if they can look at it objectively and help you determine what parts need to be cut to make your video shorter while still retaining its cohesiveness and core message.