How to Optimize Your Lakeland Video Production for Different Platforms

by | Apr 20, 2021

The engagement rate of your Lakeland video production will vary depending on its type, format, size, and orientation. It didn’t use to be that way. Before, companies can produce one type of marketing video and use it across all channels—billboards, TV, and social media. But consumers have become more discerning as time went on. They want convenience. They want the easy consumption of messages. If you’re already inundating them with information about your brand, it better be an easy process for them. Otherwise, they will lose interest in what you have to say.

Sound vs. No Sound

On social media, audio should be optional. This is because people use social media in varied ways. Some of them browse their news feeds while lining up in the grocery store. Some of them are in the subway heading to work or home. These places you don’t want to play a video loudly in. People will look at you weirdly just as they look at people who turn on their phone’s speaker weirdly.

Also, your videos need to be more inclusive. Hundreds of millions of your audience and non-audience are deaf or hard of hearing. This means that even if they can play your videos, they won’t understand a thing of it. The best way to deal with this predicament is to add captions and subs to the video.

Horizontal vs. Vertical

The horizontal orientation of the video should be optional. It will do you well to post taller videos with 4:5 or 9:16 ratios because people hold their phones vertically. The struggle with captioning this orientation is there, but you can still find a way to make this work because there will be a lot of space left on the bottom of the video when you use the vertical orientation.

However, make sure they can also turn the phone around and watch your video horizontally. This maximizes the space better. This kind of orientation is also still the most preferred by web users, though they’re slowly transitioning to vertical orientation.

With Shoppable Link vs. No Shoppable Link

Shoppable links can appear on the video. When your video is talking about products and services, these links will lead the viewers exactly to the web page where they can purchase the items in the discussion. This is an effective way to market and advertise and hard-sell your products. However, this doesn’t always work, so you still have to be careful with your use of it.

The Lakeland video production is a critical component of any business’ marketing strategy so make sure that it is optimized for different channels in different formats and styles.