How to Use Corporate Video Production for Recruitment Purposes

by | Nov 29, 2018

If you’re looking to include more talent into your roster of employees, you should seriously consider hiring a corporate video production to help you out with that. Corporate videos are not a new concept in the business industry, in fact, for a while, it used to be one of the most common forms of marketing that a company has to offer to the general public.

However, over the years, corporate videos have developed a bit of a negative reputation for coming off boring, which presents the company in a bad light. But as video marketing has become more and more popular, corporate videos are quickly making a comeback as well, using fun and creative ways to display a company’s benefits and culture.

Recruitment is a very popular use for corporate videos as well, as it is a good way to present your company to potential new hires. If you’re thinking of hiring a corporate video production to create a recruitment video, here are some ways to do this.

Show what kind of culture your company provides its employees

Of course, potential employees will always be interested in what a company’s culture is like before they decide to apply. You should make the most out of your recruitment video by showcasing different aspects of your company that a potential hire might be interested in.

This might include the offices, the daily life of an employee, and what kind of environment your company’s employees work in. This is a straightforward way of telling them what they can safely expect if they work for your company.

Showcase the video at job fairs

Video is an excellent way of engaging audiences, and using recruitment videos at a job fair is no different. Because there are so many companies vying for applicants’ attention, it can be hard to get their interest unless they actually sit down and speak with you.

If you use a video, you can hook them in by showcasing what kind of company culture you’re offering, which might entice them to sit down with you and discuss any potential job openings they may be qualified for.

Use social media to your advantage

Most companies are on social media now, in fact, it is almost expected for a business to create a social media presence for themselves to make it easier for customers to reach out to them.

To generate more interest and reach a wider audience, you can post your recruitment video on your social media to reach out to potential applicants that might not have seen your job listings or might be interested in applying for your company after seeing your video.