How to Use Drone to Enhance Your Lakeland Wedding Videography

by | Apr 19, 2021

It is no secret that drone videography is one of the most popular forms of video content that you can use for any application, from professional marketing to personal use. For your Lakeland wedding videography, then you should seriously consider using drone videography to capture your wedding day. The wedding industry is one that has used and benefitted significantly for quite some time now.

Drone videos can capture your wedding day in its full glory, from all kinds of angles that would not have been possible through traditional video capture techniques. However, because this is different from conventional videography, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind. Read on to learn some things that you need to know about working with drones for your Lakeland wedding videography.

Always hire a licensed pilot

Flying a drone can be deceptively easy because all it looks like is someone is simply piloting a remote-controlled plane. In reality, if you want to get great shots with your drone, then you have to hire a licensed pilot.

Not only is it legally required to have a license to work with a drone, but it can also be next to impossible to capture good shots without the needed experience. Drone videography is not something that you can delegate to your nephew who saw a video of how it’s done.

Take note of local drone laws and regulations

Because of its popularity, there are now plenty of legal requirements surrounding the use of drones in public and for commercial use. You should learn about the local drone laws and regulations to make sure that you don’t end up violating them at your wedding.

Whether you’re staying within your area or you’re flying out for a destination wedding, you should always do your research into the local drone laws and regulations so that you can push through with your drone shoot.

Take note of what shots you want ahead of time

One thing that any professional drone pilot will tell you is the fact that drone batteries don’t last very long. Of course, a professional will carry plenty of spare batteries, but you’re going to want to make the most out of each battery.

To help them out, you should plan ahead for the kind of shots that you want for your drone video so that these can be scoped out ahead of time, reducing any wasted battery time. This will help cut down on any planning time and uncertainty during the shoot that can eat into the battery life of your drone.