How to Use Lakeland Video Production for eCommerce Products

by | Apr 16, 2020

Videos are insanely popular. We see it all the time on social media. We probably spend hours every day watching different videos on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. But why aren’t we using it in our online stores? Why are many eCommerce stores still failing at maximizing the benefits of Lakeland video production? Why can’t the presence of product videos be a rule rather than an exception?

People thought it’s expensive and time-consuming to produce a product video. In fact, it is not. Thanks to the immense power of technology, you can produce videos using your trusty smartphones. You can cut and edit videos according to the platforms where they will be uploaded.

Website visitors are more 64% to 85% more likely to buy a product if there’s an accompanying video. Imagine what you can achieve by simply uploading product videos on your eCommerce store.

Search Engines Love Videos

Try to search for a keyword on a search engine. What’s on the top results? Aren’t all of them videos? In particular, Google separated video results from the rest of the links associated with the keyword you searched for. Videos are on top of the search results, along with tweets about the particular topic or keyword. This format alone should push you to upload product videos on your eCommerce store.

Videos Are Shareable and Clickable

There is no question about it: people are more likely to share videos than text pages. If your product pages have videos on it. there is a bigger possibility that web visitors are going to share the page on their social media pages. This is what you aim for as a website owner. You want random web visitors to share your product page with their peers.

They Capture and Engage Audience More

There is more engagement on web pages with video content. Web visitors are more likely to read descriptions and posts when there’s an accompanying video. Web visitors also engage more when there’s a video uploaded on the website. They share, post comments, reply, and ask questions. This is the kind of engagement you want from web content.

Videos Can Convey Emotions and Messages Quickly

Video content doesn’t have to use 100 words to convey the message of a business. To sell a product using Lakeland video production, all the video needs is to have the right images. It has that incredible power to convey a large amount of information with just 15 seconds of film.