How To Use Photography And Videography To Benefit Students

by | Jul 24, 2018

In 1987, there was a study made by Jim Stice in the University of Texas in Austin that found out the following information about using visuals, or photography and videography, when conversing with people: 20% of people remember what they hear, 30% of them remember what they see, but the remaining 50% remember what they hear and see. This shows the power of visual representations, which makes the study even more important in this highly visual world.

There are two ways to use photography and videography in a classroom setting, both of which empowers and encourages the students to learn.

Make students watch films and documentaries

Students are more likely to enjoy their classroom experience when they understand the importance of the lessons being taught. Unfortunately, students now are distracted by a lot of things outside the classroom—social media, peer pressures, relationships, and their existential crises.

They could not sit idly for one and a half hours to listen to the teacher talk about whatever’s in the curriculum now. They want to check their phones and their news feed. Do you know when is the only time students could focus away from their phones? When they watch movies or a TV series.

So, use their weakness for films against them. Find a documentary or a film that will showcase the theory or concept you are lecturing about. Afterward, have them discuss what the film is about and how the concept was applied there. This would allow the students to get a better grasp of the subject.

Let them present their projects using photos and videos

One good way to evaluate what the students have learned is to make them apply the concepts and theories. They can show this through a variety of ways—through a mini documentary, through a mini film, or through a commercial.

They can showcase all they have understood in the classroom through this project. Most teachers love to make the students do this for their final projects, and students are always excited to group together and produce something worthwhile.

This will also showcase their creativity. Aside from reviewing the concept and forcing themselves to understand and apply them correctly, they could also tap their creative geniuses. Who knows, you might be unearthing a Picasso within the class. Sometimes, all it takes is one little project for a person to discover he has hidden talents in photography and videography.