Importance of Aerial Photography In Vegetation And Surveys

by | Jan 7, 2019

How can we understand the conditions of the land, its vegetation, and its culture? For anyone working with the geography of our land, there is a need for continuing development of technologies that will make it easier for them to survey the current state of the soil and the crops that grow in them. That’s where aerial photography comes in.

This was an important technology adapted by those who own large parcels of land. It has been used in the mapping of vegetation since 1920 but its development as a major tool in forestry and agriculture has come about in the United States in 1940.

Aerial photography is essential in all kinds and types of knowledge gathering concerning landforms, vegetation, and land use. High-grade photos cost very little and the development of simple photogrammetric instruments and of photo-mensurational techniques made it even more critical for those involved in forestry and agriculture.

But it is not only the ease of capturing images that aerial photography provides as a benefit. The main advantage of using aerial photos in agriculture and forestry is it allows the landowners to keep a permanent record of conditions that become available for the business, for the government, and for other organizations.

When detailed analysis needs to be made about a certain parcel of land, we need “evidence” of how the geography of the land changed in the past years. Those photographs will come in handy.

When studied with a stereoscope, they will present a three-dimensional picture of the terrain as seen from above. In a surprising degree of accuracy, species may be identified and their images can be measured. The photographs will allow the landowner or the manager to draw up maps that will be useful in case a big company wants to survey the land for future development plans.

It makes it easier for us to see units of vegetation and land use when we use aerial photos. It cuts off the time we need to physically survey the land either by foot or by a truck.

But when choosing a photography service for your land, make sure to hire the best people with the best kind of equipment.

They need to be able to operate high-tech equipment that will produce the quality you need to see the details of the land use and vegetation and species living on your land. Your photographers must also understand and have knowledge about land surveying.