Interesting Drone Business Ideas Aside From Aerial Photography

by | Dec 3, 2018

The drone and aerial photography industry have really boomed over the past few years. Ever since commercial drones were introduced to the market, people have really taken to the trend of using drones to document events.

However, rarely is mankind ever content with staying on one aspect of a new invention. Over time, people have begun to find more and more applications, to the point where drones are well known for so much more than their use in aerial photography. Because of how many drone service businesses there are, it has become difficult to flourish as a purely aerial photography and videography business.

Fortunately, because of the new applications for drones being discovered, even today, drone business owners have found new ways to market their drone services.


Of course, you have to take full advantage of your drone’s camera, and one way to effectively do that is by marketing your drone services business as a security surveillance business. Home and commercial security is more a concern now more than ever, especially as families and businesses alike are looking for ways to protect what is valuable to them.

Drones are capable of capturing moments on video that typical surveillance cameras may have difficulty monitoring, which leaves a lot of blind spots. Drones can cover those blind spots, which provides a well-rounded security strategy.


Inspections are an integral part of guaranteeing the safety of something, whether it’s for residential homes, commercial business, or industrial structures. It’s very important to make sure that every aspect of these structures are in good condition and up to code in order to guarantee the safety of those who will use these structures.


Drones in agriculture is quickly becoming very popular. The reason behind this can be attributed to the fact that using drones can help speed up certain processes that would have taken significantly longer times to complete, such as spraying.

Drones can also be used to inspect the crops easily, which allows farmers the ability to monitor the growth and health of the crops with little to no difficulty.


Aerial photography was popularly used for mapping, in the earlier histories of aerial photography. However, with the technology that we have access to today, it is much easier to map out areas and survey them as opposed to the old methods of mapping used before.

Drones are capable of capturing high-quality images which help create a very accurate image of the area at a fraction of the cost.