Keep Your Lakeland Video Production Gear Cool During the Summer

by | Jul 11, 2021

The summer season is a great one for the Lakeland video production industry. Great lighting and high demand, there’s a lot of opportunities for the video production industry. However, keep in mind that the warmer weather can cause problems for your production gear.

If you’re not careful, your gear can get damaged as a result of constant exposure to the heat. As a video production professional, it is your responsibility to keep it in good condition and protect it from the heat. Read on to learn more about how you can keep your Lakeland video production gear during the summer.

Use gel packs

If you feel like your camera’s temperature is at drastic levels, you can use a gel pack and hold it against the camera. It’s important to avoid placing your gel packs against the air vents of your camera as this can cause more hard than good.

The air vents of your camera are needed to move air through your device; if these are blocked off, even by a gel pack, it can cause severe overheating and damage to the camera. As long as you are mindful about where you place your gel pack, it should work well at cooling down your camera.

Be careful with ice packs

Ice packs seem to be a common alternative to gel packs. However, this might not be the best choice if you need to place it directly against your camera gear because when the packs start to melt, the water can get into your camera, which is the last thing that you want.

Fortunately, there are other ways to use these. If you’ve been filming out in the sun for a while, you can place your ice pack in one of your camera bag’s outer pouches and pack in your camera as normal. This will help cool off your camera after a day out in the sun without the risk of getting water into the device.

Shade goes a long way

While you can do a lot to cool off your camera directly once it’s been in the heat, you should also take the needed steps to prevent it from overheating in the first place. You can do this by providing shade for your camera and other Lakeland video production gear every time you have to go out and shoot in the heat.

Umbrellas, canopies, and other similar tools can go a long way in helping make sure that your camera and gear are safe from the heat of the sun.