Lakeland Video Production 101: Video Marketing Tips to Help You

by | May 11, 2021

Experts predict that by 2021, the world will have watched 100 minutes of videos per day. Considering that we spent the last year isolated from our families and friends, it is not surprising if recent studies will reveal we’ve already hit that mark in 2020. Considering that those are a lot of minutes, businesses should work to get their Lakeland video production project in there. How can we get a slice of that pie? Businesses shouldn’t dilly-dally on wanting to get into the action.

Do Not Be Left Behind

Last year, TikTok became such a hit that there are now more than 800 million users worldwide spending an average of 52 minutes per day on the platform. Don’t think your business can survive without somehow getting into the app. Plunge yourself into the new app; create marketing videos that can go viral on TikTok. Simply put, keep up with the times.

Be Consumer-centric

Ask yourself what your consumers want from the video. Don’t make a video for yourself, for what you want to see. Figure out what your target audience wants to see and offer exactly that. When your marketing video is consumer-centric, it is much easier to sell the content of the video.

Do Livestreaming and Go Vertical

If you haven’t tried livestreaming yet, you are missing out a lot. Livestreaming gives a human face to your business. It evokes emotions and improves engagement rate. Followers can ask questions and you can answer them live. This is a good way to interact with your customers.

Going vertical (shooting videos vertically) is another thing that you may want to try. Most people view videos vertically on their phones. The completion rate is higher if you shoot using a vertical format.

Keep It Short and Silent

Videos under one minute have a better chance of getting watched to completion than those in the two-minute or more mark. People do not have time to watch lengthy videos, so keep yours short and sweet. Another thing that you should do is to put subtitles on your videos. People usually watch your videos on silent, so the subtitles will help them understand the content.

Boost SEO

Then and now, the importance of boosting your SEO cannot be underscored enough. Use metadata on your Lakeland video production. Make sure to come up with the right keywords and use those in the meta description, tags, alt-text, file names, and what-not. You should also upload the videos directly on social media instead of using the embed link on YouTube.