Lakeland Video Production: 3 Things We Want to Ask Clients

by | Oct 16, 2019

If you have ever worked in Lakeland video production, you know by now how incredibly difficult and challenging it is. Every day, you meet with different personalities. Some clients are extra nice. Some are just plain horrible. Some are very understanding while others can be very demanding.

Here are the three things we want to ask clients, but never do:

Can We Meet Your Expectations?

Let’s face it, clients think they can demand everything from their videographer because they are paying them. They treat videographers as their personal assistants. They even let them carry their bags during an event. They shout at them. They demand things that are out of the contract. Many videographers have horror stories as to how clients treat them. But because this is their job and they are dedicated to ensuring that your event is well covered, they give their all.

Can videographers ever meet your expectations and demands? Can you ever be satisfied? Will you ever think that we were underpaid and that we deserve more than a few hundred dollars?

Is This Really You?

Clients make ridiculous requests at times because of something they watched on TV or the movies. What they never fully understood is that a video or a photo is only as good as the subjects in them. If you will constantly try to replicate something that’s not you, it won’t come as natural-looking as it should.

Stick to who you are, especially in wedding couples. Stop thinking that all the trends you see on Instagram are going to work on you. It’s not. Trends come and go for a reason. They are not for everyone.

How Can We Make You Less Awkward?

We understand that posing before a camera can get awkward. It would be awkward for us, too, if we were in your place. But honestly, how can we make it less awkward? We want to make it as comfortable as possible for you. This is the only way your photos and videos will look good. You need to smile and have fun. But how can you have fun when you’re uncomfortable? So, tell us what will make you loosen up.

A Lakeland video production company needs to get to know its clients and make them feel comfortable working with them. It’s not only for the current output but also for future projects that they may collaborate with together.