Lakeland Video Production: 4 Tips for Better Instructional Video

by | Jul 17, 2020

Have you noticed how the quality of tutorial videos has decreased over the years? While there are a lot of videos on the internet right now, few have the brevity and clarity that well-made Lakeland video production has. Aside from clarity, your tutorial videos should also be fun and entertaining, as well as informative and relevant to the topic at hand.

Some video producers have perfected their techniques and strategies. Many of them use humor to simplify complicated concepts. They also rely heavily on animations to send their messages better and faster. If you feel that you aren’t producing the videos properly, here are four techniques that you can use to make better tutorial videos.

Make a Storyboard

The most basic way to make a video is to create a visual board of it. This is called a storyboard. The purpose of the storyboard is to guide the script and dialogue. It aims for the producer to find the right images, animation, and graphics for each second of the video. A storyboard puts your vision in print. It gives you a rundown of what your Lakeland video production will look like once it has been shot and edited.

A storyboard can help you come up with the right dialogue for the specific time in the script. Because you know what should be going on during any given time, you’ll be able to write a better story.

Shoot Accordingly

You should follow the basics of shooting a video. These are simple enough: proper framing, lighting, sound recording, and shooting settings. There are various styles that you can use such as screen recordings, slideshows and text, off-camera with b-roll, on-camera with b-roll, sketch or short video, and explained video.

You don’t have to shoot the video chronologically. You can cut the video in snippets, so they are easier to manage. These clips can also be integrated into your social media pages.


There are three rules to follow to determine the length of the video. First, how advanced the topic should be. Second, the style of the video that you choose. And third, the platform where the Lakeland video production will be published. With these three things in mind, you should be able to come up with a clear and concise instructional video.


It is in the post-production where the magic happens. A Lakeland video production can make mistakes during the visualization and shooting process, but the post-production can take care of these things. This is the last line before the video can be sent for publication. If the post-production fails, then your message will be lost in the video.