Lakeland Video Production and Google’s Increasing Emphasis on Video

by | Jan 3, 2021

When you search for something on Google, the first few search results are composed primarily of marketing videos and user-generated videos. In the past few years, Google began turning to videos as their top content. It has been going on for a while, but the search engine is going to invest massively into an algorithm that will prioritize video content above others. It’s about time your company does the shift to Lakeland video production, too.

The operating word here is opportunity. You have an opportunity as a brand to get on top of the food chain provided you have the necessary means and tools to do so. This is a fairly new development in search engines. Google still doesn’t have enough videos to put to the top of the list for many industries, sectors, products, and services. It, instead, uses featured snippets, people also ask, maps location, and listings.

This means that a brand has the golden opportunity to get to the top with the use of videos. If you visit YouTube, you can search for as many queries as you can think of, and the video-sharing platform will have something for you. It doesn’t take a genius to realize, of course, that not all these videos are reliable or even relevant to your query. There are plenty of videos there made for click baits, which means the videos use catchy headlines to make the user click on them for more views.

The emphasis on video results also owes to the fact that Google owns YouTube, but this is also the same move that other search engines such as what Bing is doing. They’re serving video results because people depend mostly on visuals. Videos serve a higher purpose because consumers depend on these videos to give them the information they need and want.

If you do not have that much content right now, you can repurpose old content such as blog posts, social media content, and recordings of past webinars. The great thing about video content is that Google allows them to be as long as they want to be. While blog posts need to be in a certain range, this does not apply to videos. It can even be longer than five minutes, which is usually the mark that viewers prefer.

You might want to consider creating video content for your site, rather than purely written content. While written content is still an essential part of your overall content marketing strategy, it is time to put Lakeland video production where they truly belong.