Lakeland Video Production Can Turbo-Charge a Website’s SEO Strategy

by | Dec 15, 2019

Studies found out that when a website has Lakeland video production, it is 50 times more likely to be found by web users. So, all those hours you’ve been laboring on to write a textual content for your website? While these are important, you should also take a look at how you can maximize the potentials of your website by using videos.

It’s important to see why people love videos. They are fun. They are entertaining. They are easy to understand. They are great content for turbo-charging your SEO strategy. What’s not to love about videos? In the past, it takes only professionals to make videos. And while professionally-built videos are still the way to go for most websites, you can now shoot a video entirely using your smartphone and your limited knowledge.

Do you know how amazing that is? The reason why videos still make the most impact on Google and other search engines is because there’s a vast amount of textual content out there that’s been optimized for search engines. The same cannot be said about videos. Although there are millions of videos on YouTube, this is incomparable to the text content that the internet has. Also, most of these videos aren’t optimized for search, giving you a window of opportunity to make a move.

Find the Right Keywords

Optimizing videos for search engines is akin to optimizing textual content, too. The only difference is you’ll be using the keywords for the video title, tags, and video description. Choose around five to six keywords that you can use on the video. Remember to make your video description as concise as possible. You cannot force the keywords into the description of the video. They have to flow naturally.

Think Like a Web User

The common mistake that video producers and SEO strategists make when optimizing videos for search engines is they don’t think like a web user. Think of how you are going to search for content on YouTube, for example. There are two reasons why people want to watch videos: for amusement and instructions.

What is your business about? Where will you fall under? Amusement or instructions? After you have categorized where your business fits, then you can look for relevant keywords that will make it easy for web users to find your videos.

Maximize Your Videos

Post your videos on your website, YouTube, and social media. Post it on every platform that you have an account on. Make sure to optimize the description, title, and tags. On your website, you can also post a transcript of the videos for those who have hearing impediments or those who cannot turn on the volume of the video. Make the Lakeland video production shareable so it’ll be easy for your followers to repost it or link back to it.