Lakeland Video Production: Don’t Forget That Viewers Prefer Native Uploads

by | Nov 14, 2020

Social media is all about the community it creates. When users visit these platforms, they want to know about what’s going on there and not someplace else. If they want to watch a video on YouTube, they will go to the platform. But having opened their social media feeds means they want to stay on the platform and browse what’s happening around their community. And yet, so many businesses still get it wrong when it comes to uploading their Lakeland video production. They still prefer to link their videos from YouTube on Facebook. Why can’t we do native uploads?

A native upload is when the video you want your audience to see is uploaded on that particular platform. So, if you are trying to reach your audience on Facebook, the video should be uploaded on Facebook. If you want your audience to watch your video, make sure that they don’t need to open another app to watch it. They want to stay on Facebook or other social media platforms from which they can view the video. Don’t push them to switch to another app unless there is a strong reason for you to.

The same principle applies when uploading a Lakeland video production on your business website. Generally, it is easier to just link or embed a YouTube video. It doesn’t eat much bandwidth. However, the problem with this is once the viewers click on the play button, it will trigger the video to open the associated app—whether YouTube or Vimeo. The viewer will have to make a quick decision. Does he want to stay on the website or open a new app?

Although you may persuade the viewers to open the YouTube app because it’s easier to view the video there, you could be losing a potential customer. Yes, the viewers will watch the video (probably not all of it). The question is whether the viewers will still return to the website to watch the other videos or see what your business offers. They can easily get distracted by other videos on YouTube; so much so that they will forget about why they came to check your website in the first place.

Although it is super convenient to simply link your YouTube video on your website, don’t do it. Take the time to edit and upload the Lakeland video production to the platform itself. Doing native uploads might take more time, but it is worth it for your SEO and your customers will certainly love the idea of not having to transfer to another app to watch your video.