Lakeland Video Production: Foster Camaraderie In Offshore Employees

by | Feb 20, 2020

Companies are now investing in offshore employees or remote teams because they realized how beneficial they are. One, they don’t need a physical office. Two, you don’t need to provide them with office equipment. Three, rarely do remote teams demand other types of benefits aside from their salaries. And lastly, you don’t have to manage them in person, which is a relief for managers as that is the biggest task for any company. However, this also means you need to find a way to foster camaraderie among your remote employees. That should include the use of Lakeland video production.

An internal corporate video intends to brief employees about company policies, train them on the use of new equipment, and even develop teamwork. The last one is a bit challenging since it also demands the cooperation of your employees. They should want to foster camaraderie with their workmates.

Send Them Training and Teamwork Videos

Your remote employees shouldn’t feel left out. They should still be a part of the training that your in-house employees go under. What you can do is send them these training sessions in video formats. If you are going to introduce new office equipment or machine, for example, make sure your remote employees are up-to-date with that, too. That feeling of inclusion is very important to make this remote-workplace setup work.

You should focus on sending them videos on the importance of teamwork. The videos should have examples of how teams work together to achieve their company’s goals. Show them that through teamwork, they could have an easier time accomplishing their tasks and helping the business become a success.

Watch Videos ‘Together’

Ask your employees to set aside a specific time when you can watch a video together. It can be anything, really. It can be a movie about office relationships. It can be a video seminar on how to develop teamwork among employees.

The point is to spend time together bonding over something that you can all enjoy. Afterward, maybe take turns sharing what you learned from the Lakeland video production. Perhaps, you can even share a few laughs about the movie. It doesn’t even need to be work-related. Fostering camaraderie might be better outside the usual topics about work.

There are many ways to make sure that your remote teams work more productively. The point is to spend time getting to know them, too. They are a part of your team. They should feel that they matter in the company.