Lakeland Video Production: Improve Internal Communications

by | May 23, 2019

About 44% of companies are not using Lakeland video production for their internal communication strategies, not knowing that the other half who has been using videos for their communication methods are generating higher revenue.

Yes, good internal communication improves productivity and makes employees reach milestones faster and better. Better communication leads to transparency, respect, and effectivity in their tasks.

If you aren’t using videos to send internal messages, now is the best time to start employing this strategy in your company.

Here are the five ways you can disseminate and distribute messages without using antiquated methods such as memos, fax machines, and even to some extent, emails:

Announcements and Updates

Employees tend to miss out announcements and general updates about the company when these are sent to their emails. Most of the time, they are focused on the work they do for clients that they tend to browse through company emails without really understanding what they mean.

A Lakeland video production will work better because visuals demand attention. Emotions and tones that are normally lost in emails can be properly conveyed in videos.

CEO’s Message

The CEOs of companies are notoriously private. Employees only get to speak to their assistants or their secretaries. However, being out of reach of your employees isn’t good for business.

They need to be able to trust you; that you’re doing the right thing for the company. Once in a while, produce a video message to greet them on doing their jobs well and encourage them to work harder and better for the future of the company.


Instead of sending your employees to seminars and conferences that are worth thousands of dollars, you can send them training videos instead.

These are becoming increasingly popular and you can purchase them for the fraction of the price it will take you to send your employees to the actual seminars. You can also use videos for the onboarding process of new hires.


Company events are the time when you and your employees can let loose and focus on developing camaraderie rather than answer irate clients. It’s good to have fun.

It’s imperative that your employees have fun at work, too, because the stress of working can burn them out. Make sure these moments are filmed with a Lakeland video production company, though. Your employees will love revisiting these fun moments and look forward to the next events.

Reports and Presentations

It is much better to do your work presentations with videos because these are easier to understand, and they can simplify complex matters by using visual representations.