Lakeland Video Production: More Ephemeral Content Is Coming

by | Feb 17, 2021

Have you noticed how in the last couple of years, ephemeral content became so big that Facebook, Instagram, and a host of other platforms now use them? Ephemeral content is Stories in a nutshell. It is content that disappears after a certain period of time (usually, after 24 hours). It is a new form of vlogging, and many have used it to improve their reputation, reach out to customers, and advertise their brand. How it will affect Lakeland video production remains to be seen, but we have a pretty good idea that good productions will remain relevant for years to come.

For people who have always wanted to be video personalities, ephemeral content is the next big thing. This type of content doesn’t have to be shot in high-resolution. It doesn’t require editing. It doesn’t have to be polished, too. Anyone can do it. Even a five-year-old now posts Stories of her toys on Instagram and Facebook.

The only question remaining is if it will sustainable? While this type of video continues to gain prominence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, will it also dominate the more professional setting of business marketing and advertising? Will companies go from using Lakeland video production companies to ephemeral content on social media?

Full video productions will still be an important marketing component. But that doesn’t mean that ephemeral content doesn’t have a place in the marketing strategies of some of the most popular brands you can think of. These two types of videos can co-exist and that’s what makes this such a great combination. The fleetingness of ephemeral content will complement the stability of video productions. For example, you can post a teaser of the full-length video on the company’s Instagram Stories, but then link that particular story to the website where they can watch the full video.

Advertising through short- and full-length videos will be easier because of ephemeral content. Most viewers and listeners are tuned to this content on social media. This gives brands a better chance of reaching their target market through social media but then leading them to check the fuller length video on their website. That will generate traffic to their website.

Ephemeral stories will continue to take off and rightfully so. Though they do not have the power to dominate the marketing and advertising industries like Lakeland video production can do, they have their own market and any market is a good market for companies that want to raise awareness about their brands.