Lakeland Video Production On A Budget

by | Apr 22, 2019

The moment that Google purchased YouTube from its original owners, we know that the future of internet marketing and SEO is about to change forever. With over three billion searches every month, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. Any business whose products or services can be sold using a Lakeland video production should maximize its benefit and create a great video that can be uploaded on YouTube.

One of the many principles of internet marketing follows this phrase: content is king. That is true and it is also true that your website’s content doesn’t need to be 100-percent text. You can boost it up a little by posting video content and competing against bigger and stronger websites on Google. If you search a term on Google, it is very likely that the first three to five results are going to be video content (as long as it is relevant). In fact, videos have a separate category in Google’s search results.

Marketers shy away from producing video content because they think creating one is expensive. Advertisements and Hollywood films make people think that producing a video is only for big businesses. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. You can actually find cheap alternatives to produce a short promotional video that could prove to be successful for your business in the long run.

Find a local video production agency

You don’t need to hire those big video production companies that produce slick advertisements and movies. You need to look for a reputable locally-based Lakeland video production firm that has experience in producing effective and thought-provoking promotional videos.

Search for related keywords

Even before you begin creating your video content, plan your marketing strategy. Search for keywords that are related to the business. You will notice that there are certain keywords that Google automatically recognizes as video related. Write down these keywords because you can compose your video concept according to what the most searched for keywords were used on Google.

Optimize location and minimize noise

Using the right location and making sure that there is no sudden background noise will minimize the need for editing, which is the one component that makes video production a bit expensive. If there are minimal edits needed to create a five-minute video production, the cost will definitely go down.

Shoot a lot of fillers

Fillers are great because they make room for changes. They are great as transitions, too. An editor can use a second of a filler video to transition to another scene. When you don’t shoot that many fillers, you are bound to purchase filler videos or go to the field again for another shooting day. The process of shooting alone will add to the total cost of the production.