Lakeland Video Production: Outsource or In-House?

by | Nov 8, 2019

What is the right kind of Lakeland video production team for your company? If you regularly produce marketing products, it might do you well to create an in-house videography team. Or does it? There is a big difference between these two kinds of video productions. Sure, they do the same thing, but their composition is different; even their tasks and the way they go about creating the videos.

Let’s define these two first. With an in-house video production, you buy the video equipment and employ a team that can operate them. A video production team can be composed by as few as two persons. But although there are a few people in your team, you can trust that they will do everything within their power to produce amazing video content for your business. They receive compensation and benefits.

With an outsourced video production unit, you hire a freelance videographer or a Lakeland video production company. The teams are usually bigger. They have more experience in handling different kinds of video outputs. They have better equipment. You don’t employ them so technically, they are not answerable to you. However, since you’re paying them for the project, they need to report to you for the time being.

Both of these methods have advantages. Many small companies outsource their production team because it is easier not to have to deal with one in-house. Instead of providing compensation and benefits, an outsourced production team will be paid depending on the project requirements.

An outsourced production team also has a kind of neutral approach to creating a video. They have an outsider’s perspective of the company and what it needs to be successful in marketing its products and services. They also have a better understanding of the industry since they worked with different ones before. Often, small businesses prefer to outsource their video production needs because it is less financially constraining and more time-saving.

But there’s a good reason why some companies prefer to build an in-house Lakeland video production team, too. Many of them create marketing videos one after another. It makes sense to have a team in the company with the sole task of continuing to develop marketing videos that aim to reach the business’ goals. An employer has more control over businesses that prefer to build an in-house team. They can guide the direction of the team, directly influencing the video outputs that they come up with.

Choosing between in-house and outsource is a matter of looking at the different variables that compose your business. You need to consider the people, the budget, and the available time.