Lakeland Video Production: Protecting Yourself During Filming

by | Nov 29, 2020

So, your services have just been booked for a wedding or other special event. You are worried that they may not practice social distancing during the event, but you’ve already signed the contract. You need this job, too, since the last few months have depleted your savings and resources. Filming a Lakeland video production is what you do, and it’s about time you do what you love during this pandemic.

The reason why you are suddenly not comfortable with the idea of covering an event is because you didn’t explicitly ask what health measures are being put in place during the event. That’s one of the first things that you should ask a client. How are they going to make sure that there won’t be an outbreak in the filming of the video?

Wear a Mask All the Time

You should wear a mask all the time. It’s going to protect you from contracting the virus. If possible, reach out to your client and ask that they wear a mask, too, during the shoot. If you have other members in your team, ask them to do the same. Health experts have repeatedly been saying that wearing a mask reduces the transmission of the virus from person to person. This simple and considerate act will protect all of us from getting the virus, whether we are symptomatic or asymptomatic.

Practice Social Distancing

Can you film the video without going near the subjects? If it’s a wedding, for example, you can film its entirety without any physical interaction with the guests. You can take videos and photos a few feet from them. Since health experts said that six feet is the recommended distance, staying a few feet apart will protect you from untoward incidences like someone sneezing without a mask on.

Bring a Sanitizer

You are not sure if your clients will even provide a sanitation area for your team and your equipment. You should demand this as it will ensure your team’s protection from the virus. However, you should still bring your own sanitizer with you. Make sure that you have some wet wipes, a bottle of alcohol, masks, and shoe covers with you. You can also wear a full personal protective equipment (PPE) suit, although that might be uncomfortable when filming the Lakeland video production.

You need to protect yourself and your staff at all times. While the business has been downhill today, that’s no reason for your clients to take advantage of you. Know what demands you should make in terms of health protocols during these extraordinary times.