Lakeland Video Production: Start Video Tutorials During a Pandemic

by | Apr 23, 2020

Right now, it feels that all businesses are in limbo. Do you even have a business to go back to? If you are not producing and distributing essential goods, what are the chances that you have a market to go back to after all of this is over? But you shouldn’t panic for now. Panic will make you do things that aren’t good for business. What you should do is start being creative on how to reach out and get in touch with your customers. Creating Lakeland video production could be the answer that you are looking for.

One of the most popular types of videos is tutorial videos. This is where you will teach your customers various how-to projects that your business is an expert on. If you are producing headbands for babies, you can start showing your customers the production process. If you are managing a spa business, perhaps you can show them some techniques on relieving muscle tension and the like.

Sharing your knowledge to your audience is one of the easiest ways to encourage them to continue reaching out to your business. They will continue visiting your website and your YouTube channels if they can find something new and refreshing there.

Pick the Right Tools

While you cannot run to the tech store and get high-quality cameras and microphones, you have your trusty smartphone with you. Right now, that’s more than enough for a Lakeland video production. Some music videos and films are now being shot via the iPhone, so you should be okay with whatever smartphone you have, as long as it can capture videos.

Choose a Location

Select an area of your house that’s well-lit and has good acoustics. There shouldn’t be too many background noises when you start to record. Since you have limited options inside your house, you can choose to do this in the garage or the backyard if that is more comfortable for you. Make sure you don’t have personal things lying around in your background. Remember that this will be shared with the public. You don’t want criminals to figure out where you live and what they can get if they burglarize your home.

Rehearse Before Recording

Always rehearse and practice before recording. You should see how you come across to your audience. Are you dull? Are you too excited? You need to use the right tone of voice in the Lakeland video production so that your customers will react positively. Finally, when all’s been recorded and edited, you can share the video with your customers. Upload it on YouTube and make sure it’s posted on all your social media pages.