Lakeland Video Production: The 7 Types of Onboarding Process

by | May 7, 2020

The onboarding process of a company usually signifies the success and effectiveness of a new employee. HR managers are the ones mostly responsible for onboarding new hires. The first 90 days of the new employee’s life in the company is important. If you want this new hire to understand the company better and perform as expected, he or she must be onboarded effectively. However, the onboarding process is easier said than done. As a company, you should invest in the Lakeland video production that will explain and expound different policies of the company to its new employees.

There are seven types of onboarding videos. All of them intend to save as much time and resources for the company as possible. Knowing these seven types of onboarding videos will allow you to define what your company needs and what the employee needs to know.

Company Overview and Leadership Welcome

The Lakeland video production will show the CEO presenting a summary of the company’s mission and vision. The CEO will explain the business’ objectives so that the new employee will work toward the same goals.

About Us

The about us video works exactly as the about us page on websites. Why does the company matter? Why is this company important for its target market? The video will explain the company‘s history, culture, beliefs, social activities in the community, and it’s purpose to inspire employees. Sometimes, the video can also include an introduction to the people behind the company.

Job Description

You should also have an onboarding video that will explain the employee’s job description. It should be detailed. It should explain the core responsibilities of having the position. It should also talk about what kind of organizational support the employees can expect to receive. It will also summarize the measures that the company will take to rank their performances.

Department Overview

To which department will the employee be assigned? The new hire needs to understand the responsibilities of that department. That will make him or her more successful in joining and contributing to the goals of the team. The video should show the common vision of the team and how it intends to reach those goals.

Employee Directory

The new hires should know people that she or he will be working with. When you hire new people, you should ask them to create a Lakeland video production that you can insert into organizational charts and onboarding videos. These snippets should introduce your current employees to the new hires. You can add searchable meta-tags so the employees will have an easier time connecting with others through shared interests.

IT Policies

One of the most important departments in an organization is the IT department. This department is responsible for securing your systems and making sure that your company is not available to cyberattacks and hacking. New employees should be well-trained and educated on how to use the in-house systems. They should be briefed on how to secure communication lines and how to save company data. An onboarding video on the IT policies of a company should also show employees how to conduct video conference calls, order business cards, and create email signatures.

Employee-generated Content

What your new hire is most curious about is what life he or she expects to have in the office. Your current employees can create segments that will give new hires a glimpse into what happens in the office every day. This is also a way to educate new employees on the roles, dynamics, and responsibilities that they will face. You can consider creating a Lakeland video production that will show how teams operate and connect.