Lakeland Video Production: Using Live Streaming to Reach Out to Your Market

by | Jan 3, 2021

Live streaming was already possible for such a long time but it is only after Twitch came out that it became common for ordinary folks. At first, the platform allowed game streams and then went on to all manner of live content, including commentaries, live chat, music performances, podcasts, yoga sessions, and so much more. As a result, other platforms followed suit. Today, although structured and recorded Lakeland video production is still the norm, companies are beginning to open up to the idea of live streaming what’s happening behind the scenes.

Why should you join the bandwagon? What’s in it for you?

Live Chat

The biggest advantage of live streaming is live chat. This means that your followers and viewers can post directly in the chatbox so they can ask you questions or inquire about anything. You can read the questions and answer them live, too. This allows everyone to hear your answers and get to know your company more.

The ability to respond in real-time is one of the many strengths of live streaming videos. Most of your target market have to wait for hours to get an answer from one of your representatives. With live streaming, they can get answers in an instant.

Breaking News and Announcements

You can also use live streaming to inform your customers about something important that happened in your company. Whether it’s closing a new deal with a top-listed client or giving away freebies to the first 100 customers on Christmas Day, live streaming is a good way to break the news to your followers. It provides a more timely way to make announcements that will impact your consumers.


Live streaming is a personal video. Even though your followers are watching it simultaneously, there’s nothing that a company can do that is more personal than a live stream. Remember that a live stream is not curated. It is not edited. What happens in this kind of Lakeland video production cannot be tweaked or fixed by a post-production team. This is a raw video that emphasizes the character of the brand.

Is a live video the right content for your brand? You have to decide on that based on what your products are and how engaged your audience is to your company. Remember that you have to be careful with a live stream because a lot of things can happen in it that you have no control. Preparation is still the key.