Lakeland Video Production: Video Marketing Stats You Should Remember

by | Jul 23, 2020

All video marketing stats point to the same thing: videos are the future of the internet. If you have a business, you need Lakeland video production. It’s a waste of time and resources to not produce video marketing for your business. People are watching billions of hours’ worth of videos on the internet, so why not tap into this massive market?

78% of People Watch Videos Every Week, 54% Every Day

These are two very powerful statistics. People are watching this many videos every week and every day. Are you still not convinced that Lakeland video production is the future of marketing? Even if you are targeting a generation that isn’t too tech-savvy, they are still probably watching more videos as you are producing. Stop ignoring these statistics. You need to meet the growing demand of people looking for videos to watch.

6 Out of 10 People Watch Videos Than TV

Who would’ve thought we’d come to this? People are watching more online videos than they are watching television. They would rather spend their time browsing YouTube videos than watching their favorite shows on TV. This was a statistic we never thought we’d see in our lifetime. But there it is: online videos are now the preferred medium.

More Than 1 Billion Hours of YouTube Videos Are Being Watched

YouTube has two billion active users logged in into the platform every month. Every day, these users watch a billion hours of videos. Can you imagine that market? How can you get through the threshold? How can you create content that will get a slice of that market? These are the questions you should ask yourself now.

72% of Customers Want to Learn About a Product Through Videos

Although blog posts are still powerful in pushing a product or service, videos are taking a slice of that pie. According to surveys, more than 72% of customers want to learn about a product or a service by way of videos. They want to watch Lakeland video production before deciding to buy a product or service from you.

50% of Internet Users Look for Videos Before Visiting a Store

Sure, customers are still buying from brick-and-mortar stores but this does not mean they aren’t using the internet to get the information they need about your products. Surveys showed that people are looking for videos about your products before they buy one. This is a clear indication that videos are going to be here to stay.