Lakeland Video Production: Videos Every Small Business Should Produce

by | Oct 10, 2020

Not all businesses have the advertising budget of Apple or Samsung. A lot of businesses struggle to get by, especially during this pandemic. But the need for marketing videos will stay. Businesses that do not maximize their opportunities for Lakeland video production stand to lose in the end. If you want your business to stay on top, you need these three videos on your website and social media pages first.

Product Explainer Video

Always start with a product explainer video. Most of the time, this is more important than an introductory video to your brand. A product explainer tells customers exactly why they need your products or services. First and foremost, customers need to know what it is that you do. Have you ever been on a website wherein you’ll ask yourself what the company is doing?

That’s what your customers will feel if you don’t have an explainer video. You don’t need to break the bank to make this kind of video. You just need to explain the most basic and necessary features of your products or services.

Customer Testimonial Video

The task of getting and earning customer testimonial videos can be daunting and challenging. It can be hard to collect testimonials. However, what’s so great about these videos is that they grow on their own. Video testimonials help prospective customers feel that they are making the right choice. Customers trust customer testimonials more than ads and marketing campaigns.

When asking for a testimonial, choose the customers who have already given you positive feedback either through personal email or a message on social media. These are your most authentic customers. It also becomes easier to ask for a testimonial when they’ve just given you a compliment. Always offer to take the videos yourself. Again, you don’t need to use an expensive camera. As long as the video and audio are clear, that should be good enough for your future customers.

Company Story Video

Unknown to some customers, the story of how you started your company is particularly interesting to customers. They want to know what made you want to start making the products. What are the problems that you identified and how did you come up with the solutions? A company story video humanizes your company. By featuring the people behind the company, you tell your customers why this company is special to you and why it should be special to them, too.

When they feel a strong connection to a brand because of the Lakeland video production, it is much easier to convince them to buy, support, and subscribe to your products or services.