Lakeland Video Production: Why You Need Influencers for Video Marketing

by | Mar 19, 2020

The two hottest trends in marketing right now are these two: video marketing and influencer marketing. Imagine what it will do to your business if these two are combined. It is a natural choice to want to produce a Lakeland video production as part of your marketing strategy. Experts agreed that by this year, more than 80% of internet content will be dedicated to video. Internet users would want to watch videos more than reading texts or hearing audio. This is the perfect marketing technique to raise your brand to a whole new level.

But, why the need for influencers? They have the audience you want for your business. They are being listened to. They are being followed. This is exactly the kind of strategy any startup or big business needs. You want someone to be the face of your brand. Influencers can do that for you, provided that they are convinced your brand is deserving of their own brand.

Expands Your Reach

You will reach new heights with influencer marketing. Your videos will be watched by people who haven’t even heard about your brand. They might not know about you, but they certainly know these influencers. They are fans and followers. There’s a good chance you’ll get them to listen to your video because they know who’s talking.

Gives You Credibility

Not only are they going to give your video a chance to impress them, but they will also begin to trust your brand. They may not be convinced yet that you’re a great brand, but they trust the opinions of these influencers. That alone will persuade them that your brand is worth knowing. Will they become fans immediately? Not yet, but they’ll begin to be interested. They’ll give you a chance to impress them.

Allows for Cross-promotion

These influencers are called as such because they literally influence people to support the brands they endorse. People like them and there’s a good chance they’ll like you, too, so long as you don’t disappoint them too much when they try your products for the first time. They’ll see what you got in your Lakeland video production. They’ll give you the time of their day. They’ll probably be easier to convince to like your brand because you already got backing from the influencers.

Influencers and the use of videos are certainly new and different from traditional marketing strategies, but they have become most effective in their goals to promote businesses and their products/services.