Lakeland Videographer: Creating Educational Videos Better

by | Jan 12, 2020

To be a great content creator on YouTube or any platform, you need to go the extra mile. That is required of a Lakeland videographer. The videos you create should grab the attention of the consumers without trying too hard. They should be educational and informative. They should be easy to remember and understand. How does one create an almost perfect video like that? How can a videographer make sure that his audience will have clear takeaways from the video?

Use Visual Aids for Reiteration

If you want your audience to remember what is being talked about in the video, you have to repeat it two to three times. But that is a waste of airspace. All you need to do is use visual aids. You can highlight the important points of the video by adding supplemental text. One popular example is sidebar checklists or bullets. You can keep the sidebar as long as the topic is still relevant to what is written on it.

It is far easier for the audience to remember concepts and ideas when they can hear it and see it. People are visual beings. We use our five senses to remember things. If we only use one (hearing), we’ll most likely forget about this new information.

Shoot as Many B-rolls as You Can

If your frame is going to be frozen in one scene, it is easy for your audience to look away. B-roll keeps them interested. That’s why you need to shot a lot of these extra scenes. They are going to anticipate what’s coming next on their screens. Your b-rolls don’t have to be completely relevant to the topic. As long as the shots are interesting, you’ll keep your audience’s eyes on the screen.

Create a Stick Around Statement

Your audience will usually give you about 30 seconds to impress them. That means you have exactly the first 30 seconds of the video to prove to your viewers that you are worth the next minutes. Having a “stick around” statement helps. You’re effectively telling your viewers that there’s more exciting stuff in the video and they have to wait for it. Why not be direct with your audience? Instead of vaguely signaling that they have to watch until the end of the video, you can explicitly tell them to do so.

A skillful Lakeland videographer knows how to keep the interest of the audience. These three things will guide you in discovering the techniques that work on all audiences.