Lakeland Videographer: Handling Temporarily Cancelled Gigs

by | Jul 15, 2020

It is bad enough that some weddings have to be canceled or pushed back because of the pandemic, but what’s worse is a Lakeland videographer finding a way to make money off these poor couples. It is not like they were the ones who willingly breached the contract. The pandemic breached the contract for them. They wanted to get married but they cannot because the current situation makes that impossible. And yet, some videographers are actually charging them penalties for not going through with the wedding.

The argument is that the videographers denied other couples to book the same day for them. What good would booking same couples on the same date if the government said that they cannot get married? So, even if by some miracle, a videographer managed to cover five weddings at the same time, would that have made a difference? Would the government suddenly allow these mass gatherings?

And what about the contract? Clearly, it stipulates that the down payment cannot be refunded. But that’s for normal situations. This isn’t normal. You can refund the down payment and keep the reservation fee. That’s fair enough for both parties. And yet, some couples are actually pushed to pay the full price of the contract? That’s just crazy.

As a Lakeland videographer at this time, what can you offer your clients? Some of them don’t want to delay their weddings any longer. It is impossible to have guests at their weddings, but you can still make a difference for them even if there are social distancing measures in place.

Use Macro Filter or Close-up Lens

A close-up lens is a secondary lens that a photographer or videographer attaches to a camera. This allows the camera to work like a reading glass without the need to change the primary lens. The macro lens lets a photographer or videographer work a little bit far from the subject. If you get too close, the camera won’t focus. If it’s too far, you’ll get a big chunk of the background. These lenses are just enough to give the photographer a chance to get a shot of the emotions of the couples and that of their several guests.

Teach Couples How to Pose

Before the wedding, do a teleconference with the couple, so you can teach them how to pose during the actual day. That will prevent anyone from having to stand close together. That will also put a distance between you and the couple. Unless everyone is going to be tested before the wedding, there is no way to assure that all of you are safe from the virus.

Be Flexible

Finally, be flexible with your schedule. Be patient, too, because a lot of couples are going through some tough time now what with the delay in their plans. Some have also experienced retrenchment at work, so they may have to cut down on their wedding budget. This is an unusual time and it requires a special response from their wedding suppliers such as a Lakeland videographer.