Lakeland Videographer: Staying Relevant in the Time of a Pandemic

by | Apr 22, 2020

The world doesn’t make sense anymore. We’re stuck at home. We’re told to distance ourselves from our friends and families even if we are obviously social beings. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate events are all postponed. Pregnant women worry about giving birth in hospitals where there are COVID cases. It’s a whole new world out there. So much so that a Lakeland videographer worries about the loss of opportunities.

It is not impossible to still prosper as a videographer right now, but it will take creativity and ingenuity to do so. While you cannot go out and film as you usually do, you can still help people, communities, companies, and organizations on promoting their businesses and advocacies.

Video Tutorials

Remember that you’ve always wanted to do tutoring on videos? You want to share your knowledge on how to become a Lakeland videographer but you’ve become so busy with your job that you never found the time to sit down and do a video tutorial. Now is the time to do that. People literally don’t have anything better to do. They’d love to listen to you share your knowledge and expertise. You may even ignite someone to start being a videographer. You could be a mentor to someone.

Video Resumes

How about offering to edit video resumes for a fraction of the price you usually charge? This isn’t the time to make a huge profit from your clients. Everyone’s struggling. If you can afford to lower down your fees (because you don’t have to pay a whole production team), then that would be a huge help to people trying to find job opportunities at this time.


Do know a graphic artist or a web designer? Perhaps, you can do animations together. You can help companies continue to drive their business forward but with digital marketing and promotions. There will be a new norm in the future and it has to do with videos taking over physical interaction. Animations might be what you’re looking at in terms of advertisements.

Information Drive

This is the time to help governments and other organizations with their information drive. People are going to want to watch about this pandemic. They’ll still rely on visuals than on text. The best way to reach the general audience is to create a video that will teach them about this pandemic. As a Lakeland videographer, you are in the best position to do that.