Lakeland videographer: Why You Should Do Expert Interviews

by | Jun 2, 2020

If you have been following some financial consultants on social media, you would notice that many of them have been doing interviews with traders, brokers, and other financial experts. This allows them to be more credible in this field. And if you’ve ever watched one of these interviews, you’ll gain a lot as a consumer, too. You’ll learn about trading stocks, evaluating good stock choices, and budgeting your money right. These are the kinds of videos that a Lakeland videographer can showcase his/her skills in. Customers would love to see these videos on your website or social media feeds.

Sets You Apart

These kinds of videos set your business apart. It shows innovativeness and your willingness to help your viewers. It highlights the effort you take to make sure your viewers are well-informed and that they have the knowledge needed to determine the right course of action in a particular field. If you’re running a baby clothing store, then you need to interview different kinds of mothers—single mothers, mompreneurs, career moms, homemakers, and many others. Doing these interviews will show how committed you are to boost your viewers’ knowledge.

Aligns Your Brand

Who are you going to interview? You have to make sure they have the right credentials to talk about the topic you want to discuss. Maybe they have been running a podcast or blog. Maybe they have their own thriving business. Whatever it is, it matters that your interviewees are people who your viewers will see as industry experts.

Establishes Authority

Because you have gained the attention of these industry experts that you are interviewing, it is easier for your viewers to see you as an authority, too. Through the interview, you can also showcase your knowledge about the field. Sometimes, this is the best way to show viewers that you are also an expert in your industry. Your camaraderie with the interviewee should be reflected in the video. Your ability as a Lakeland videographer to put the interviewee at ease and to share in the discussion will establish your authority.

Gives Audience Answers to Hard-hitting Questions

Sometimes, your audience is asking questions that you don’t have answers to. Interviewing experts in various fields gives your customers a chance to learn more about your industry and confirm some of the answers you have given in the past. Interview videos are an intimate experience for your audience, wherein they could even join in the fray if you make the videos interactive.