Lakeland Wedding Photography Planning Tips

by | Jun 6, 2019

You’re ready for your photo shoot. You’ve just signed the contract with your Lakeland wedding photography team. What should be your next step? A wedding doesn’t happen without some sacrifices from your end.

You need to give up your time and make an effort to plan a successful wedding. But how do you begin planning and guiding your wedding photographers to making the right decisions on your wedding day and during your prenup shoot?

Start A Wedding Binder or Folder

We’re sure you now have a checklist or a folder of your wedding contracts and checklists, but do you have a dedicated folder or binder for your Lakeland wedding photography team?

This should include all the reminders you have for your photographer such as where the shoot will take place, what time should they arrive, who the point person would be, when the payments are due, etc.

This helps every little thing organized. The one wedding supplier you would have to deal with a lot is your Lakeland wedding photography.

Work On Your Budget

What’s going to guide your wedding most especially? It’s going to be your budget. You would have to work with the amount of money you can spend on photography.

But if you find a good and reputable photographer, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your photos and videos even if the team isn’t the most expensive in the market.

Remember that when it comes to photos and videos, money isn’t really an indicator of skills. There’s a long list of considerations you have to make before hiring a photography team and money isn’t even on top of that list. You can find experienced photographers who do not charge a fortune.

Create Your Shot List

Every Lakeland wedding photography team has its own shot list—these are the scenes they cannot miss during the wedding. But every bride has a vision of her own on what she wants to see immortalized by photos.

If you have very specific shots that you don’t want your photographer to miss, here’s a chance for you to specifically remind the team about them.

Don’t worry, your photographer won’t mind the reminder. They know that brides can be overzealous with wanting to capture every moment of the wedding.

Hire A Planner

Hire a wedding planner or coordinator… but only if you have the budget for it. Most couples don’t have the money to hire someone to coordinate the whole thing though you may want to look into this and invest in a planner because they really do make life easier for you. They are going to be the ones to deal with all your wedding supplies so that alone makes up for their fee.