Lakeland Wedding Photography Teams and Unreasonable Requests

by | May 23, 2019

Sometimes, the clients’ unreasonable demands and unrealistic expectations affect the relationship they have with the Lakeland wedding photography team. When this happens, the camaraderie is lost and the whole project could suffer. Fortunately, wedding photographers are used to dealing with clients and their requests.

Offer Another Option

Many times, couples are too gung-ho about getting what they want that they didn’t stop to think what their requests might mean for the photographers.

Granting some of the requests of the clients may mean the Lakeland wedding photography team members may have to take a pay cut or they may need to spend more time covering your wedding even if they are not going to be paid for it. Offer another option to the couple; one that would get both sides what they want.

Just Say No

When used appropriately, the word no can draw boundaries that are actually already stipulated in the contract but are not being honored by the couple.

It’s okay to say no even if “the customer is always right.” If you are not comfortable doing the requests or it will be too unfair for you and the rest of the photography team, it’s perfectly okay to tell the clients “no.”

Choose Your Clients

Pre-qualifying your clients means finding out what you can about them before signing the contract. Ask them as many questions as they ask you. Get a general idea of their budget, expectations, and possible demands in the future. If you don’t think you can accommodate their requests, recommend them to another photographer.

Make An Iron-Clad Contract

Create a standard contract and update that contract as you see fit every time there’s a new experience with clients. Your contract should include the policies you are willing to honor.

Some clients may want to change particular terms in the contract. If the request is reasonable, you can negotiate. If the request is a non-negotiable, kindly explain to the clients why you can’t accommodate their requests in the contract.

Be Professional

Every time you are faced with difficult decisions or placed in awkward situations, remember the cardinal rule of every service provider: professionalism. Maintain your professionalism at all times. Never raise your voice no matter how annoying a client can be. Never look down on anyone.

Do not talk back unless your rights are being trampled on. Everything can be settled in a nice and professional manner. And if all else fails and the Lakeland wedding photography clients are aggressive and stepping over the line, call your lawyer, consult the contract, and file the necessary case.