Lakeland Wedding Videography and How Music Makes an Impact On It

by | Jun 20, 2019

Is it any surprise that a Lakeland wedding videography can be a hit or a miss based on music alone? Many video editors find themselves on a limbo when choosing the best musical score for their wedding videos. After all that snipping, cutting, transitioning, focusing, and blurring, they could still be in a huff after failing to find a perfect song for the video.

It is important for any video editor to find music that fits the video clips. Most editors would use the music as their guide to editing the video clips.

Where’s the peak of the song? Where’s that gentle lullaby that can show the bride putting on her wedding gown or the groom walking down the aisle with his parents? The peak of the song will likely show the bride for the first time in her gown. Music is everything for a video editor.

Doesn’t anyone hope that the perfect song can come up on Google’s search list; that when editors type the search query “what is the perfect song for this wedding video,” Google will know what they’re talking about and come up with a list of songs that are all perfect. Unfortunately, there is a human connection to choosing music, which means we must have a feel of what is right before choosing any particular song for a wedding video.

There is a human component to knowing instinctively what song should a wedding video be based on. And it is that human component that allows us to make mistakes but also to make the absolute perfect choice.

The number one rule in choosing the right wedding song is to get to know the couple and look for signs of what they want. Other couples will leave you with all the leeway in the world to choose a song for their video. That’s how much they trust you. Others are in so much control that they would hand over a copy of the version they want.

As a Lakeland wedding videography professional, it is up to you to determine the song that fits the couple. During your meeting, ask them what kind of songs they listen to, if they have a theme song, if they like going to concerts, and whether they both have the same taste in music.

During the ceremony and the reception, take note of the songs they choose to play. This is an indicator of what they may be playing through their car speakers on a regular basis.