Lakeland Wedding Videography and Photography Poses to Use

by | Aug 9, 2019

It is no secret that there is a lot of pressure on Lakeland wedding videography and photography. A lot of this pressure can be easily attributed to the fact that your team is going to documenting the happy couple’s first moment as a married couple.

And if this gets messed up, it’s going to be remembered for the rest of their lives. So if you want to make sure that your Lakeland wedding videography and photography goes well, you have to get every detail perfect, including the poses in the shots. Here are some great poses to use in your wedding production shots.

The classic side-by-side

Of course, the classics never go out of style. One pose that you can go with is the classic side-by-side, which is simply having the married couple stand next to each other, and having them try out different ways to make it more interesting. You can have one of them wrap an arm around the other’s waist, or sharing an intimate look.

The reverse side-by-side

Of course, you can always switch things up by putting a twist on the classic side-by-side. The reverse version of this would be to have one of them face the camera, while the other facing backward. This creates an interesting visual contrast for the camera. Of course, you can play with this pose a little bit to make it even more visually striking.

The bride or groom behind

This is another classic shot, which has either the bride or groom stand behind the other and having them loop arms or hugging the other’s waist. The point here is to make a good visual balance between the two and playing with the chemistry that the couple has for each other. This kind of pose will work well, even with a difference in height between the couple.

Holding hands

Another good pose to work with is to have the couple hold hands and have them do something. Of course, they could be standing next to each other and hold hands, but as always, don’t be afraid to switch things up a little bit.

You can have them walk away from the camera while holding hands and looking at each other, or having one of them leading the other. This is a good pose for when the couple are a bit nervous about posing on camera.

Focus on wedding accessories

Of course, you should use everything you have at your disposal for your Lakeland wedding videography and photography. You can also place a focus on the wedding accessories, like the veil and rings, to make it look more romantic.