Lakeland Wedding Videography: Handle Your First Shoot With These Tips

by | Jul 4, 2019

So congratulations are in order. This is your first Lakeland wedding videography session with actual clients, which means that you’re going to be handling someone’s actual wedding day and preserving it on film. It can be a lot of pressure, especially as your first shoot.

Before you start freaking out about the task that lays before you, take a deep breath. There is a reason why the happy couple chose you to document their wedding day, and at least 20 percent of that has to do with your skill with the camera, right?

To help you manage this better, learn how to handle your very first Lakeland wedding videography shoot and make sure that everything goes off without a hitch with these tips.

Check your gear

Before you head off to the wedding, always make sure to check your gear. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and nerves of your first videography shoot, but you should never forget to check your gear. It helps to have a checklist handy to make sure that you have everything on hand.

Make sure that you have enough batteries and memory cards to last you the entire duration of the event, and don’t forget to check your bag to make sure that you have everything.

Get the legal stuff out of the way

While the actual Lakeland wedding videography part of being a professional videographer is great, you should not disregard the legal aspects of the job. Make sure that you have all of your paperwork in order, namely your client contracts, payments, and other legal documents.

When it comes to your payment, always ask for it to be paid before the wedding, not after. Or you can allow for a downpayment before the wedding, and the rest before deliverables. Never wait until the last minute to ask for payment.

Show up early

Always show up at least an hour early at the venue. This makes it easier for you to set up your gear and scope out the venue beforehand. Doing so helps make sure that you have a good handle on what to expect when you’re going to be recording the wedding footage.

Eat something beforehand

This seems like a negligent point, but always make sure to eat something before you head to the venue. It might seem like you’ll have plenty of time to grab something to eat later on, but you will find yourself swamped with keeping up with the day’s activities and getting the Lakeland wedding videography footage that you need. Eat something beforehand to keep your strength and energy levels up.