Lakeland Wedding Videography: Memorable Weddings In a Pandemic

by | Oct 5, 2020

Some couples still dared to get married amid the coronavirus pandemic. And really, who can fault them? They don’t want to delay getting married because of the virus. Even if they cannot invite all their guests to the ceremony and the party, many couples still opted to get married and even have a Lakeland wedding videography document the event.

Videographers have a huge role to play in a pandemic wedding. Remember that most of these weddings are very intimate. This means that there are only a few of them in attendance. Mostly, it’s just the couple, their immediate families, and some close friends. They cannot even invite their grandparents to the intimate wedding celebration because they are protecting them from interacting with other people.

This all the more makes the job of the videographer very important. The videographer has to make sure that every second of the wedding was documented. The videographer cannot miss one part of the wedding because this is all the couple has to show to their friends and family. Even though they cannot invite as many guests as they want, they at least have a wedding video to show their friends and family.

Making It Memorable

In a typical wedding day, the videographers have a list of “moments” that they need to create. This will include catching the couple under the golden hour and bringing all the guests together in one frame. But this is not necessary in a pandemic wedding. Since there are only a handful of guests there, the videographers won’t have a hard time keeping up with what’s going on.

But that doesn’t mean they can be complacent. They can miss out on moments if they are not paying attention to what’s happening. And since this is the only memento that the couple will have of their wedding (since there are no other guests to take countless photos and videos), videographers will receive an earful if they miss out on a moment.

Even though this is an intimate wedding with 10 to 15 guests, the Lakeland wedding videography company must make sure to list down the shots and angles they need to take. Having fewer guests doesn’t mean the videographers can be irresponsible in their job to capture every second of the wedding.

For couples, when choosing a Lakeland wedding videography company, pick one that you can trust. Make sure to read as many reviews as you can so you have a pretty good idea what to expect during the wedding day itself.