Learn to Handle a Livestream Production as a Lakeland Videographer

by | Oct 7, 2019

It is fascinating to see how technology has come so far. To think that our previous ways of entertaining ourselves were mainly through reading. And if that wasn’t enough, we were limited to watching films and shows through the television and the cinema. But with the internet and social media, there is no end to the possibilities before us. These days, we are now also capable of live streaming! So, as a Lakeland videographer, it is very important to learn the basics of how to stream live videos.

But you’re probably asking: Why live stream in the first place? Good question. With live streaming, you get to instantly connect with your audience, no matter where they are. It also lets you interact with your audience on a much higher level, so they are more engaged with you.

With all of this in mind, you should do the following steps to help you engage with your audience while live streaming:

Eenie, Meenie, miney, moe- which of these is good to go?

So, you’re interested in live streaming and gaining an audience, but you don’t have an idea of where to go. There’s no need to worry! There are several social platforms that you can choose to live stream, such as Periscope, Twitch, and Facebook Live.

Since live streaming is already a feature, you can do so through the platforms with little difficulty. Still, you do have to look out for technical errors you might experience while you’re live streaming. This includes video loading or buffering, or your audio not being clear. So watch out and choose carefully!

What do they need?

What’s great about live streaming is that you’re able to connect with your audience in real-time. That’s why it is important for you to consider your live streaming topics. What does your audience need to know today?

You have to make sure that these topics will meet your audience’s expectations. And you should be able to answer your audience should they have any concerns or questions.

Interact, engage, talk!

Connecting to the previous point, if your audience has a question for you, the Lakeland videographer, feel free to answer away! Don’t be afraid to respond to your audience and clear their doubts. That is, after all, part of live streaming.

Engaging with the audience will make them feel involved and it will also make them more eager to interact with you. Another way of interacting with them is by greeting them by their name. This is a way to make them feel seen on your live stream and feel special about it, too.