Making the Most of Your Lakeland Video Production Project’s Drone

by | Apr 5, 2021

If you’re planning on using drone serves to round out your offered Lakeland video production services, then you should make sure to do your research about these. While they offer great angles and perspectives for your video, you have to learn how to use these right to get the most benefit out of them.

One of the biggest issues that you’re going to face when using drones for your video services is the shorter battery life that drones are notorious for. This can cause issues for you when you’re shooting your video, so you have to make sure to plan around this. Read on to learn more about how you can maximize your drone’s battery life for your Lakeland video production services.

Have a shot list at the ready

Since you’re working against time here, you have to make the most of it. One way to cut down the amount of time that you spend testing out shots with your drone is by having a shot list at the ready. A shot list is a list of shots that you are planning to take, including the locations that you want to shoot at.

This list is compiled by checking out the location beforehand, determining what shots you want to take from certain perspectives, and mapping them out. When it’s time to shoot, it will be much easier for you to handle it because everything has already been planned out, so you don’t waste any battery life trying out a shot without knowing whether or not it’s one you can use.

Avoid making your drone too heavy

Accessories can be a lot of help when it comes to your drone flights. However, keep in mind that if your drone gets too heavy, it’s going to expect more energy while flying, which will cause the battery to deplete faster. Remove all unnecessary accessories from your drone during the flight, and you should be able to converse some battery life.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Being in Lakeland video production, you are likely aware of the fact that a lot of the shots that you take don’t have the luxury of a second chance. With drone videography, this is a very important fact to remember. Since you have your shot list, you can use this to take as many shots as needed, so that you can edit it later for the best version that fits your video’s needs.

Take care of your batteries

If you want to make the most out of your drone battery, then you should take the needed steps to take care of your battery. Avoid overcharging your battery and store these properly before and after each drone flight.