Optimizing Corporate Video Production And Creating Mobile-Friendly Video Content

by | Aug 2, 2018

One of the main reasons why some websites (and therefore, some companies) do not maximize the power of the internet is because of their failure to use SEO and create mobile-friendly video content for the website. These two are essential parts of spreading awareness of your brand and creating a successful corporate video production that will bring consumers to your company.

Optimize your content

You cannot be a successful business these days without the use of the right keywords that will put your content in a stronger position to be found organically in search engines. This component will help bring your business forward and it will help rank the website higher in search engine results.

Optimizing is more than just using keywords in the text content of the website. It is using these keywords in the videos—the title, the description, the caption, the alt text, and the links embedded into the video.

All of these will make the videos favorable to search engines. So, once a person searched for the specific or related keywords, Google’s algorithms will tag the videos and they will appear in the search results. The higher your search engine ranking is, the higher the possibility that they will be consumed by your target audience.

Create mobile-friendly video content

It is crucial to create video content that is mobile-friendly. Some videos cannot easily be played on their smartphones, and that’s just a wrong move for websites. A large portion of internet users will view the videos from their smartphones or tablets.

If the videos are not mobile-friendly, they may lag, buffer or they may not play at all. When this happens, your target audience will simply move on to the next video that is available.

Most of them will not search for the version of the video that can be played on their mobiles. You will lose a big chunk of your target audience and quite possibly push them to other websites, giving your competitions more chances to steal your consumers.

If the videos are not mobile-friendly, it could hurt your SEO, too. This means that search engines like Google won’t find your videos when the algorithm starts searching for it. Many corporate video production houses these days offer to create videos that are optimized for mobile devices.

Don’t scrimp on this chance and grab the opportunity to create something that is essential for your marketing strategy and the promotion of your business as a whole.