Photography and Videography: Keep Clients

by | Oct 29, 2018

Thriving in the photography and videography industry means putting in a lot of work and effort. It can be pretty difficult to stand out in this industry because there are so many production houses that are offering a lot of the same services and at lower costs.

If you end up pricing your services lower, then you’re going to end up losing a lot of money. While it is certainly difficult to succeed in this industry, it isn’t an impossible feat. As long as you put in a lot of effort, as well as you find a way to stand out, like choosing a niche, then you’re bound to succeed.

For many production houses, they quickly find that the best way to continue thriving in this industry is through repeat business from old clients. But how do you manage to retain clients? For those still starting out in the photography and videography industry, here are some tips that may be able to help you out.

Communicate effectively

Of course, in the production industry, one of the most basic, yet most effective ways to stand out and make an impression on your clients is by learning how to communicate properly. Understand that the project that you’re working on if very important to your client.

After all, they need it for something, whether it’s personal, or maybe for promotional or advertising purposes. Listen to what your client needs and wants out of their project, and figure out how to best give them this in their project.

Be comfortable with your gear

Remember that you’re being hired for your photography and videography expertise, and this includes your skill in handling your gear. Whether you’ve purchased your own or rented, remember that you made the conscious decision to use this equipment, so you should be comfortable with it.

Use gear that you are definitely comfortable with, otherwise you might end up delivering a product to your client that is inferior in quality.

Always update the client

Always keep your client updated with the status of the project, even if there is nothing wrong with the project. Updating your client gives them peace of mind knowing that their project is being handled by somebody who is giving them updates about how their project is going.

Reach out even after the project

If you feel as though you’ve done a great enough job on your last photography and videography project, don’t be afraid to reach out to a past client and ask them if they’re interested in having another project done. One project can turn into two, and it can eventually turn into a long-term partnership if you simply reach out and ask.