Photography and Videography Services: Transparent Pricing

by | Nov 26, 2018

Surviving in the photography and videography industry is no easy feat. There are hundreds of freelancers and businesses that are willing to offer the same services as you but at a fraction of the price.

Because of this, those in the industry do whatever they can to make sure that they stand out and retain clients as much as possible, whether it’s sticking to a particular niche, or offering discounted packages for recurring clients. Surprisingly enough, one of those things that can help you stand out is transparent pricing.

This can be considered surprising because before, it was always said that it’s better to keep the cost of your services to yourself, as this allows you room to negotiate your rates. This is no longer the case today. Here are some ways that transparent pricing in your photography and videography business can help you out.

Customer convenience

On the side of the customer, they are more likely to look favorably on companies that offer their prices on their website. The main reason behind this is because of the convenience factor.

If clients are looking around for companies that can handle their production projects, they are likely looking at different websites that offer these services. Putting your prices up on your website makes it easier for them to consider you into their shortlist of companies to consider.

More efficient

If a client calls you up to ask about your services, it makes things a lot easier if the cost of your services is already displayed on your website. The client has already seen how much you charge for your services, and they’re contacting you, which means that they’re already okay with your pricing.

This makes it more efficient compared to having the potential call you and ask about the cost of your services, only for them to find out that it’s a little out of their budget range.


Of course, transparency and honesty is always a good thing to look out for in the companies that we choose to hire for our photography and videography needs.

By making use of transparent pricing on your website, it shows your potential clients that you are upfront with them, instead of keeping everything quiet until the information is needed. Clients prefer that when they choose to work with someone.


It’s easy to win the sale when you have your prices on your website. If a client sees your prices and likes your work, they’ll hire you instead of having to call up other photography and videography companies and go through the process of having to ask them about the cost of services and the kind of work that they do.