Plan Out a Perfect Drone Videography Flight

by | Dec 3, 2018

Pulling off a successful drone videography shoot can be pretty complicated if you’re completely unprepared for the shoot itself. It’s very similar to planning out a regular video shoot, but there are a couple of things that you definitely need to take into account in order to make sure that it’s successful, otherwise, you risk losing an entire day’s work, or worse, you might end up crashing your drone.

Some of these factors that you have to take into account include the weather, the location, and the surrounding areas. If you find yourself about to embark on a drone videography shoot, it’s important that you come as prepared as you can get. Here are some tips to help you plan out your shoot and guarantee its success.


Of course, when you receive the information for the shoot, you need to look into the intended shoot location. A lot of your planning is going to revolve around the video shoot location, so as soon as you know where the shoot is going to take place, you should begin your preparations. I

f you have the chance to visit it, you should definitely take a look at it before the actual day of shooting. What does the terrain look like? Are there a lot of obstacles? How are you going to carry out the shots in this kind of environment?

These questions have to be taken into account when taking a look at the shoot location. If you can’t visit it in person, try asking around the community if they’ve shot there before, or make use of online tools like Maps to see what it looks like.

Laws and regulations

It’s important to remember that drone laws and regulations vary, depending on the location. If you’re shooting out of state or country, you should definitely learn what the local laws are regarding drones.

Some places don’t allow you to fly your drone near crowded areas or airports, and others require a drone license to pilot a drone. If you don’t comply with local drone laws, you may risk getting fined or getting your drone confiscated.

Weather forecast

Weather is definitely a significant factor in your drone videography planning. If the forecast on the day of your shoot looks like rain or snow, then you definitely should cancel your shoot for another day. Wet or overly cold weather conditions can cause some serious damage to your drone, which is a risk you can never afford to take.

The weather conditions can also affect how your video shots are going to look like, which is why you definitely need to take this into account when planning for your video shoot.