Pre-Production and Your Lakeland Video Production Project

by | Jan 12, 2022

There are three stages to Lakeland video production–the pre-production, the production, and the post-production phase. Each of this phase is intricately important to the whole process. A video production cannot be successful without one of these. As a business owner who wants to produce a corporate video, it is important for you to be aware and familiar with all the stages of the production process.

The pre-production process is composed of these: planning, research, problem-solving, and loads of organizational work.

First and foremost, you have to think about the logistics of the project. Draft a proposal for your immediate supervisors, so they can discuss among themselves how much funding they can provide to you. They would, of course, also have to ensure that you will meet your goals. You’d have to have a point-by-point explanation of how you plan to achieve the particular goals of the project.

You will then have to collate the personnel who will handle the different parts of the project. Maybe you need one or two personnel to handle searching for the right Lakeland video production company. They would be the one to negotiate with the company, and ensure that the goals of the company will be reflected on the video.

Then, you will have to create the storyboard with the director. Do you need an instructional video? Do you want a testimonial video? What are the goals of your video? Do you need someone to star in it? Or will your CEO give the message? You will also have to find someone to write the script if the production company does not provide a writer. What kind of story do you want?

After you finalized the script and the storyboard for the video, you will then have to look for a venue and for shooting facilities. There are clearances involved when you have to use a shooting facility or even a public venue for your video. All these have to be planned in advance, and they have to come together in time for the production of the video.

Also, you may need to look into taking out an insurance for your project. Just in case something goes awry in the process of producing the video, you would want to be insured, right? This will ensure that the process will continue despite certain bumps along the way. When buying an insurance, check the fine print and details, so you won’t be surprised with the extent of its coverage.

A well-oiled pre-production process makes sure that you will have a smooth and orderly production. You wouldn’t want to face challenges when the artists are there and the venues have been designed, right?