Scourging Social Media For Lakeland Wedding Photography

by | Apr 4, 2019

Does it still come as a surprise to you that many of our searches happen on Facebook and not on Google anymore? Say, for example, we need a Lakeland wedding photography to cover a wedding that’ll happen a few months from now.

Where should you look for them and how are you able to reach them and know they are legitimate and they are the real deal? There are so many factors that you need to consider when choosing a wedding photographer, it’s nice if someone can just lessen the burden that is on your shoulders.

If there’s one platform you turn to when searching for the best Lakeland wedding photography team in your locality, it is Facebook. More than Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat and LinkedIn, Facebook is our go-to place whenever we need to find out something we’re sure is social-media-worthy. And trust us, Facebook (and other social media) have a lot to offer.

So, where do you look and how can you choose from what you see?

Facebook alone has many of your own network: your family, friends, workmates, acquaintances, bosses, brands you follow, brands that follow you, etc. Aside from that, Facebook also has groups, business profiles, threads, forums, etc.

There are many components that make up Facebook and you can use these components to your advantage to find any kind of information you need.

On Facebook, what you simply need to do is to ask within your own network. Do they have recommendations for Lakeland wedding photography teams? Have they worked with one before and how strongly do they feel about hiring a certain team you’re hearing about?

If you cannot get information and answers from your own network, you can widen your reach by making your post public. Once the post has gone public, you are essentially asking the opinion of the entire Facebook world. Anybody can see your post and anybody can respond.

For Instagram, expect that most reviews are positive. Rarely do we see rants and constructive criticisms on Instagram. The people there are polarized: on one hand, some are suggestive and supportive of business profiles there and on the other hand, some are just plain mean and live to rant about things that they have no control over.

But rarely do we see posts that rant about wedding suppliers. Those rants are reserved for Facebook while Instagram must reflect an IG-worthy life.