Setting Up A Corporate Video Production Unit

by | Jun 28, 2018

The first question you need to ask yourself is this: Do I have the money to invest in a corporate video production unit? It is nice to follow the trend in corporate management but you need to know that a video production department would cost a lot of money.

That is why many small businesses hire professionals every time they need to have a video about their businesses produced. Simply put, paying for a professional service every single project is way cheaper than investing in high-grade editing equipment and high-quality cameras.

But if you’ve got the money to spend and you really want your employees to fuel their creativity and use modern technology to communicate better and present ideas and concept easier, then a video production unit is exactly what you need.

Prepare a room

The nice thing about a video production department is that it does not need a large room to house all the equipment. Your average office size should be enough. There should be space where the shots will be taken and another space where the equipment will be stored when not in use. Of course, a corner should be allotted for the editing machines.

Buy the equipment

There are many cameras, lights and sounds equipment, and editing computers available in the market. Choose the best one, if you have the money for it. You don’t need the best in the market, but you certainly must choose a model that will produce good quality images and videos.

Remember that the post-production editing cannot do anything about a grainy video. The editing equipment might be able to improve the quality a bit, but it will remain grainy and shaky.

Hire skilled people

You need people who understand how to use the equipment and how to take care of the equipment. You don’t need professional ones, but you need skilled ones who know their way around cameras, lights, and sounds. This person would also be the one to check, maintain, and approve the use of these cameras.

Develop a system

Can your employees use the video equipment for personal stuff? Can they borrow it? Can they take it away from the room? Is there going to be a reservation? What happens if someone else reserved the equipment but another department needs it more? You need to develop a system that will guide your employees in using and borrowing the equipment.